Hello everyone, welcome to my official website. You are reading my first post ever. Officially, FIRST POST and that is exactly why I feel a certain pressure because I want it to be the best. But if I waited for the perfect idea for it then it would take an eternity and it would never be published, so without further ado I throw myself into writing what I believe you are all interested in - Why did I disappear on social media?

          As you can see I am alive, healthy and of course still very creative but I decided to direct my creativity in a new direction as social networks have become overcrowded with things that just do not make me happy as before, trends are teletubies like and the overall content is sad. I know many will agree with me.

          A lot has changed, which is to be expected, because technology is advancing more and more every day, which cannot be said for man as a user of that technology. Although one is convinced that if he owns the latest smartphone and uses an ultra modern / advanced application, he keeps up with the trends and progresses, but he actually lags behind. Man today is no longer the one who consumes technology but technology consumes him. So he thinks he is free to choose from a range of choices and options that only contribute to a better and more diverse life and the truth is a whole different story. There is no choice. He eats what is served to him and is presented to him as entertainment. I believe you have already realized that I am talking about social networks here. The amount of information that is "lurking" on social networks today is indescribably oversaturated because it is monotonous and, what is very important, it is of extremely poor quality. How is it possible that in a sea of ​​so much diversity and so many possibilities, something vain, superficial and boring reigns. What is most unfortunate is that such things are called trends and then spread at the speed of a joke called "covid" which has become so fashionable and trendy that everyone talks about it, and only a few laugh at it. 
We are currently witnessing perhaps the greatest pandemic in human history. A pandemic called “human stupidity” and I can honestly tell you that since I haven’t been on social media I feel indescribable relief and happiness.

          In the beginning of my, as I like to call it, "escape from social networks", there were small challenges. For example, when I would prepare a nice meal and serve it all nicely, I inadvertently grabbed my mobile phone to publish my "masterpiece", but I soon realized that my smartphone no longer has any social network icons, at the moment when the finger inadvertently touched the spot where the application icon used to be. I was confronted with habits that had taken frightening forms of addiction. But it is something that has not emerged from yesterday to today. Yes, it was hard at the beginning, but today I can say that I feel really great and that my mobile phone is used exclusively for messages via whatsup, phone calls and emails.

          If I had to single out one app that I miss it would be instagram for two reasons. The first is that I like its format (I don't mean the algorithm), and the second, much more important reason is that it was one of my sources of income. But regardless, I realized that my mental health and happiness came first and I deleted all social networks. I’m not one of those people who will just delete something and sell myself a story about how I’ll use the remaining apps more wisely. Im not like that. Either all or nothing. In this case, ALL.
I know you understand what I’m talking about and I also know how aware you are that the virtual is just a form of escape from yourself and from boredom. But when I was making this decision this went through my head “Shouldn’t I be ashamed of myself if I reached for my cell phone in an effort to kill boredom because I don’t know what to do with myself”. Running away from yourself means being a boring, unambitious and unhappy person who seeks fun, ambition and happiness on social media in the content and posts of those who live their own or imposed on them, script about an ideal life. Only few in this world are truly honest, authentic and happy. Everything else is just that well-known situation when "A blind man leads a blind man."

          In all that virtual "cocktail", I noticed that my inspiration also went in some nonsensical direction, and a part of me started to follow the trends and "imposed" behavior that is expected because of the likes. You know when you look at your own content and say to yourself  "OMG, if I could, I would unfollow myself how boring and stupid I am" and that's exactly what I confessed to my mother during one conversation, and she laughed from the bottom of the heart. 

          And for the end of this first post of mine, I want to tell all my people who follow me, who are with me and who support me, that except on my official website you can watch me as always on my youtube channel. Thank you all. I love you very much. Be healthy, good and smart. See you soon.

Smartly dose the content you watch and the people you follow. If someone serves as an example, role model, inspiration and motivation on the way to achieving what you want then bravo for you, but if you follow someone just because everyone else follows them and if those sell you bullshit then bravo for them because they use you on their way towards the realization of their dreams and not yours. And finally, I have a great need to emphasize that social networks are by no means the greatest evil of this world, but only a platform on which it can be spread or prevented by those who create and consume that same content. Power and decision are in the minds of each of us.