Who is Piko?



Milan Domijan

Born in 1985. in Rijeka as Milan Domijan. At the age of twenty, he published his debut book, a collection of poetry entitled "Sunset Colored by Your Love". In addition to writing poetry, he has a great love for music, so in 2008 he appeared at the Melodies of Istria and Kvarner Festival as the author of music and lyrics for the song "Volin te" (eng. "I love you"). After successfully graduating from the Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality in Opatija, he moved to Zagreb, where he continued his education in the field of public relations management and after that specialized school for fitness trainer. So many great ambitions collapsed in 2016 when he had near death experienced that changed his life forever. That event was actually the epiphany that brought Adam Noa into the world. That same year, he started filming videos on a YouTube channel called Piko. The name of the channel is inspired by the nickname he gave himself as a child, and the main message of his videos was that we must allow the child within us to live freely and express himself freely regardless of the opinion of the "grown up" environment. The videos are based on entertainment because his primary goal is to be happy, have fun and make the world a happier place, however no one knows the reason for his real arrival on YouTube. It lasted for almost four years, and then in 2020 he opens up to the whole world with a video, in which he talks about an event that changed his life forever. He changes his channel name to Adam Noa and this is where the whole new story begins.